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The sweetest kind of roleplay, is the kind where you can make up everything. *read site info*
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PostSubject: Xanxus-sama   Xanxus-sama Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 10:08 am

Name Of Character:Xanxus
Kind Of Character:Varia
Appearance:Xanxus-sama XANXUS
Story [explain their background and how they act and stuff]:
Xanxus was born in a poor family,but in hes early age they noticed that he has special abiliets by creating fire in his arm but it didnt look like flames.But they had destructive flame power whitin them.
After few years he started to study the fklames and ttraining them to start attacks with them.
It took him pretty many years to acomplishe such strong attacks that on most enemys he doesent even have to stand upĆ¼ from his chair or even move at all.
They say that he has created a Organization what Is called The best Assasination Squad to be existing.
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